The importance of personal hygiene and beauty cannot be undermined. Especially today when appearance is considered to be a major sign of confidence. Hence, the consumer of today is on a constant lookout for new products in the personal care category. Right from essentials like shampoos and body wash to cosmetics like kohl and lip balms…the personal care shelves seem to be growing exponentially.

Major credit for this growth can be given to product innovation in the emerging market. For example, face masks have now evolved into sheet masks, souffles, and glitter peel offs and what have you. Perhaps, simply put, to increase the visual appeal and create differentiation on the already cluttered shelves.

Catching up with this major shift is the pigments and dyes industry, which is expected to reach $66.3 billion by 20241. Therefore, it is not surprising to see many technological developments in the pigment offerings.

Special Effect Pigments

Today, the most sought-after category of pigments are undoubtedly special effects. Right from providing the exact lustre and depth, to balancing the transparency and shine, special effects pigments find their way in more than one products of personal care. For example, shampoos come with sparkles and lustre that denote the shine in hair, to lipsticks that add shimmer for a glossy and cosmic appeal.

Surface Treated Pigments

The applications of surface-treated pigments are close to infinite. As also mentioned in the previous blog, STP provides the customer with more than just visual appeal. Matte texture, waterproofness, wearability is all possible thanks to surface treatment. Today, everything from a moisturizer to a simple talcum powder is surface treated to ensure maximum benefits to the end-user.

Natural Colorants

With the consumer becoming more and more conscious about health as much as appearance, the natural/organic sector has gained popularity too. To cater to this sect, natural pigments come into play. While the application comes with a bargain for stability and sustainability, the consumer and market seem to be fairly adapting towards this shift.

Neelikon, with its experience of more than 30 years has evolved with time; and has not only introduced but adapted as well to the rapid technological changes in the market. Proof is the expansive product offering in cosmetic, food, pharmaceuticals, and other sectors.

To positively conclude, it can be exclaimed that the personal care category requires as much attention to the appearance of its products as the very myriad demand of its consumers it’s trying to cater to.

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