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Here we are sharing information of one of the important product SAPT4 with its applications as water soluble tracer.

1. In manufacturing of water treatment Chemicals:

SAPT4 acts as water tracer and it is majorly used in manufacturing of water treatment chemicals. In industrial water conditioning system, water conditioner (water treatment chemical) is widely used, and the control of water conditioner concentration is one of the difficult problem of water treatment management always.

Monitoring the concentration of water treatment chemical in industrial water treatment system is a tough task. Classical techniques like hand sampling and titrimetric analysis to determine concentration  of water treatment chemical are complicated and time consuming and do not permit a real time result. Time consuming measurements are inefficient since the characteristics of a waste stream may vary considerably with time.

This laborious job of sampling followed by classical analysis can be eliminated by using fluorescent tracer in water treatment chemical.

In this technique a tracer in known proportion is added to water treatment chemical and the tracer concentration is monitored through fluorescence emission spectroscopy to determine if the target dosage of water treatment chemical is being met.

Fluorescent tracer technique is used as detection method to monitor the water conditioner concentration in water treatment system. The concentration of water conditioner is controlled indirectly by monitoring the concentration of fluorescent tracer.

Fluorescent tracer SAPT4 is well known for its high fluorescence efficiency. Therefore this material is widely used in fluorescent tracer industrial water systems like

  • Boiler and boiler water system
  • Cooling tower system
  • Air-conditioning and refrigeration system
  • Waste water treatment and municipal sewage system

Thus SAPT4 is used for monitoring and controlling the dosage of water treatment chemicals which are used in liquid/solids and liquid/liquid separation processes during water treatment.

2. Use in Cut flower treatment products:

SAPT4 is also used as a tracer in cut flower treatment products.

Cut flower treatment products prolong the life of the cut flowers and make it possible for the cut flowers to be shipped all over the world from their place of being grown to their final delivery point and arrive in saleable condition.  Cut flower treatment products are mixed with water where the cut flowers are placed in. Cut flower treatment products are usually sold as concentrates and as such they are added to water in a certain concentration after which the cut flowers are placed in this mixture of water and product. Cut flower treatment products can also be sold as ready to use solutions. Cut flower treatment products are used by growers, auctions, bouquet makers, supermarkets, florists and individual consumers.

In order to ensure that the cut flowers remain fresh and in saleable condition, it is important that the proper dosage of treatment product is applied. Incorrect dosage can lead to serious problems. The dosage/concentration of treatment product present in the water where cut flowers are placed in it is traced by mixing SAPT 4 with the treatment product.

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