Fluorescents- The Dazzling Dyes

The special application of fluorescent dyes

Exceptionally bright and illuminating, fluorescent colours have been attracting us for ages. An American invention, fluorescent pigments were the result of an experiment by Bob and Joe Switzer.  Their attempt to produce colours far brighter than the normal that could glow in dark places led to an invention that has significantly impacted the pigment industry.

In the early days, fluorescent dyes were used in stage magic shows and movie posters. As time progressed, the applications grew by the hour. A combination of fluorescent dyes with new class polymers led to their effective use in printing and ink sectors. Due to their excellent stability, fluorescent dyes were then easily used in outdoor printing materials. One of the leading detergent products in the market switched to fluorescent packaging, thus grabbing eyeballs on the product shelves.

However, a major breakthrough for fluorescent dyes came in the safety applications. From traffic cones to safety vests and indicators used for road signs. Fluorescent dyes make it possible for the driver to see the signs from far, thus preventing mishaps and accidents on the road.

The uniforms of firefighters, constructions workers, and other safety personnel are designed in fluorescent fabrics to indicate their presence and ensure safety in the working area.

Apart from the safety applications, we see fluorescent colours being welcomingly accepted in the cosmetic market too. From fluorescent lipsticks to highlighters, people use shining colours that reflect their glimmering personality.

At Neelikon, the specialization lies in manufacturing speciality fluorescent colours under the brand name “NEELIGLOW”. The range of fluorescent dyes offered by Neelikon is recognized to give high colour strength and fluorescent intensity, with good stability & light fastness properties. Apart from fluorescent dyes, Neelikon also offers dye-Intermediates for fluorescent dyes, optical brighteners, and fluorescent brightening agents.

A complete range of fluorescent services? Take that as a sign of a dazzling relationship!

Below are some of the Fluorescent dyes under our brand name “NEELIGLOW”.

Neeliglow Yellow 250, Neeliglow Yellow 40, Neeliglow Yellow 101, Neeliglow Yellow 172, Neeliglow Orange 63, Neeliglow Red 196, Neeliglow Red 197

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