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Today we will focus on EMS which is one of the important function of all organization to address their responsibilities towards society. To show commitment requires adoption of EMS. Adoption of EMS requires organization to address.

Top Management Commitment to Protect Environment by

  • Preventing Air pollution
  • To ensure resource conservation such as water, electricity
  • To promote recovery/Reuse/Recycle of resources
  • To comply with statutory requirement such as
    • Factory Act
    • Food Adulteration Act
  • To help global environment problem such as
    • Excessive CO2
    • Vanishing Rivers
    • Perishing of wild animals life
    • Physical agents such as Radioactivity, Chemical & Biological Agents Safety
  • OHSAS 18001:2007 : ( OHSMS) Occupational Health & Safety Management System

This standard focus on

  • Ensuring Health of Workers
  • Medical Checkup of workers
  • Provision of Personal Protective Equipment ( PPEs) for safety of the workers
  • SHE (Safety Health & Environment) register with risk assessment to control any hazard cause the health of workers.

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