"Our experience in working with Neelikon is very much a positive one. Their honest professionalism is refreshing and we are happy working with them as our business associate."

End User – Multi National

"Neelikon has been our vendor, but more important also our partner for more than 8 years. Their customer service and high quality product is very valuable and important for keeping our production process continuous. Their support and commitment to quality is world class. It has been a pleasure working with such company."

End customer – Multi national

"We are very pleased to work with Neelikon, a diligent and dedicated company. Their constant energy, commitment, quality and service have proven them to be an excellent partner for us to continue the growth of the business in the Mexican market."

Distributor – Mexico

"We are very happy to be working closely with Neelikon for over 10 years and rely on them as a key partner in our success. Neelikon provides quality material with great technical support at a sensible price. They conduct business with the upmost professionalism. "

Distributor – USA

"For all these years, Neelikon provided good product quality, services, and support to us.We're having great time working with you and looking forward for better business relationship.Keep up the good work."

Distributor – Philippines

"We have good experience working together as partner since 1998.The colors continuity and quality always remain good. Their response to their customers complaints and enquiries is always quick. In short, Selling Neelikon products means you are selling quality."

Distributor – Pakistan

"We are proud to have Neelikon as partners in Central America region and to sell their high quality Color Dyes in our Market."

Distributor – Central America

"We, are very much honored and delighted by the relation we have with NEELIKON FOOD DYES & CHEMICALS LTD., Mumbai, India, for over ten years till today. Both of us are in the same field as the Manufacturer of Colorants for Foods, Cosmetics, and Pharmaceuticals, seeking for the highest quality possible. We respect the high level of technical skill in NEELIKON, making the Co-Producer Relation to help each other fruitful."

Customer – Japan

"Neelikon has been supplying us with colours for various products manufactured in the Home care and Personal care category. The Quality supplied is excellent, the prices are competitive, and the deliveries are prompt. Assistance as support in choosing the colours for the new developed products are also done in discussions with them."

End User – India